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The Brand

GloboTransPRO – ‘The Bird of Movement’.
The brand design is a fusion of all logistic verticals supporting every customer’s project in a professional and synchronized way. The core of GloboTransPRO is Engineering and Perfect Execution. The ‘Triangle’ is our inspiration as
it is the simplest, most stable and perfectly engineered form. That is why the GloboTransPRO bird is made up of Triangles – Specialised Verticals. Sharp Triangles denote perfection. Deep-orange Triangles representing Specialised Verticals, coming together towards supporting the Blue Head Triangle of the Bird i.e. ‘The Project’, which in turn engineers itself by connecting itself into the ‘Bird of Movement’. We have created the Origami inspired ‘Bird of Movement’ with triangles because Project Execution like Origami is Innovation and Art.
The green colour symbolises our core – being responsible towards the environment, the blue colour symbolises
blue-collared calculated Engineer’s thinking and the multi-colour shades of orange represent quick bold execution.
The Type used is a robust but formal Type which is a perfectly engineered type design – Robustness shows the bold execution of Projects and soft curves represent gentle interaction and customer service with its clients.
The Positioning ‘Synchronized Expertise’ sums up GloboTransPRO’s core expertise advantage for every client.



To build an Indian multinational that is respected worldwide for quality services across verticals in Logistics and building a benchmark company in innovative / engineering solutions, customer satisfaction and quality of service through execution of challenging projects.



To provide ‘Factory to Foundation’ logistic services to customers worldwide.

To provide customized, engineered logistic solutions to the customers, tailored to their specific requirements and needs.

To act honestly and transparently, with all stakeholders including customers, vendors and employees.

To be the best logistics solution provider in terms of execution, project management and safety and become first choice for investors, customers, vendors and employees.

To bring value to all stakeholders, investors and employees.