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Dismantling and Transport of Komatsu Mining Dump Trucks

Project: Dismantling and Transport of Komatsu Mining Dump Trucks.

We had to dismantle and Transport the 9 Trucks – Komatsu 830E – the world’s 3rd largest Mining truck from Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL)’s Agucha Mines near Bhilwara, Rajasthan to Mundra Port, Gujarat.

Each Truck measured 14.15 M (L) x 7.29 M (W) x  6.88 M (H) and weighed 220 Tons. The Payload (Carrying Capacity) of this mammoth Truck is a staggering 244 Tons.


  1. The Komatsu 830E Mining Dump Truck was to be dismantled in as fewer parts as possible so that it could be assembled and commissioned quickly at the destination Port thus saving time and cost for our Client.
  2. The Truck had to be transported across a distance of 1050 Kms, across 11 Tolls and 2 Tunnels.
  3. This was for the first time in India that a Cargo of width of nearly 7.5m was to be transported on this route.
  4. The Ukhliyat Tunnel of Rajasthan with a height clearance of 19ft Height was to be negotiated and the dismantling at site had to be done keeping this height constraint in mind.
  5. The route had Cameras and Sensors which had to removed, potholes across several Tolls had to be flattened for safe passage of the Dump Truck. An obstructing wall on a Toll had to be demolished for the Truck to pass. We also had to take Road permissions for the same.


  1. Route Survey & Transport Analysis was conducted to study the feasibility of Road Transport from the mines in Rajasthan to Mundra Port, Gujarat – a distance of 1050 Kms.
  2. The Trucks were dismantled and transported in 4 parts as compared to the 22 parts required to transport these trucks to the site at the time of import, 10 years earlier.
  3. The 9 Komatsu 830E Dump Trucks were dismantled into 4 parts within a record time of 45 days as compared to the original estimated time of 135 days.
  4. We dismantled each of the Komatsu 830E Dump Truck within a record time of 4 to 5 days as compared to the original estimated time frame of 15 days for a single truck.
  5. This fully assembled dump body in single piece with a width of nearly 7.5m was transported across more than 1000 Kms for the first time in India in a single piece as compared to 2 pieces in which the Dump body was transported from Port to site, at the time of its import.
  6. Fully assembled chassis weighing nearly 105 MT was transported in a single piece.
  7. We eliminated the use of Heavy Duty, big capacity Crane by using Hydraulic Jacks for Lifting of Chassis.  
  8. The dismantling and reassembly time was reduced by more than 50 %.
  9. Due to the record time taken to dismantle the Trucks and the use of alternate lifting methods, we were able to save time & money for our Principal Client.

Some interesting facts:

The dismantling and transportation of the Komatsu 830E dump truck was done in 4 parts.

  1. Dump Body: Measuring: 12.7 M X 7.5 M X 3.8 M. Weight: 49 MT.
  2. Cabin & Control Panel: Measuring: 2.9 M X 1.90 M X 2.08 M. Weight: 2.5 MT each.
  3. Tyres: Measuring: 3.5 M X 3.5 M X 1 M. Weight: 6 MT each.
  4. Chassis: Measuring: 12 M X 7.32 M X 3.88 M. Weight: 105 MT.

Dismantling and Lifting of the Komatsu 830E was done using:

  1. Multiple Hydraulic Jacks operated in a synchronized manner using a Central Hydraulic Powerpack.
  2. 220MT capacity Sany SAC 2200 Tyre mounted Hydraulic Telescopic Crane.
  3. Tyre handler