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End to End Complete Logistics of a 2000HP Land Drilling Rig alongwith entire Camp Unit for a Reputed Oil and Gas Drilling Company

Project: Transport of a 2000HP Land Drilling Rig from Kuwait to Oil India Ltd (OIL)’s Ultapool, Tinsukia, Assam site, alongwith locally manufactured Camp Unit comprising of 27 nos. Bunkhouses.


  1. To Provide Seamless Logistics solution to the Client by transporting the Land Drilling Rig from Shuaiba Industrial Area, Kuwait to its Final destination at OIL’s Tinsukia, Assam site.
  2. Synergizing our expertise in Heavy Cargo Rigging, Land transport, Sea transport, Port related services, speedy Export and Import Custom clearance and movement of Heavy and Over dimensional Cargo (ODC) over long distances, for this highly challenging Project.
  3. Complete this highly complicated transport spread over 1777 N.m over sea and 3300 Kms over land within a time bound, record time of 45 days.
  4. Mobilizing nearly 100 Trailers for transporting the Rig and Bunkhouses together for the 3300 Kms road transport.


  1. Transporting the 2000HP Land Rig Compressing of 188 Packages, Weighing approx 2000 MT (~ 6300 CBM) from Shuaiba Industrial Area, Kuwait and feeding it directly to the vessel’s hook at Shuaiba Port, Kuwait without any intermediate storage.
  2. Export Custom clearance of the Rig at Shuaiba Port, Kuwait within 24 hours.
  3. Arranging a customized vessel with 1 x 450 T Crane and 2 x 30 T Cranes for the Sea transport from Kuwait to Mumbai Port and bringing the vessel to Mumbai port in 7 days by ensuring direct sailing between these two ports.
  4. Intercarting and Port delivery of Cargo in only 48 Hrs.
  5. Import Custom clearance (under EC) of the entire Rig in only 24 Hours at Mumbai Port.
  6. Arranging 80 Plus Trailers including Low beds, semi low beds and High beds at Mumbai Port and Clearing the Port of all Cargo within 10 days of Custom clearance.
  7. Transporting the entire Rig from Mumbai port to the proposed Drilling Location at Ultapool, Tinsukia, Assam within 30 days. Travelling through 5 Different States over a distance of 3300 Kms within this period.
  8. Achieving the highly demanding target of 45 days set by our Client for delivering the Cargo from Shuaiba Industrial Area, Kuwait to the drilling location at Ultapool, Assam.
  9. Transporting the entire locally manufactured Camp Unit comprising of 11 nos. 40’ Custom built Bunkhouses and 16 nos. Custom built 20’ Bunkhouses on 19 nos. 40’ Trailers from Mumbai to the drilling site at Ultapool, Assam. The Bunkhouses were manufactured locally in Mumbai by M/s Box Store Supply Chain.  

Some Interesting facts:

  1. Special vessel was mobilized to Shuaiba Port, Kuwait that loaded only this Land Rig at Kuwait and sailed directly from Shuaiba Port, Kuwait to Mumbai Port, India without calling any other Port enroute.
  2. The heaviest piece to be transported in this Project was “Draw works” measuring 8.080 m x 3.550 m x 3.920 m and weighing 54.50 MT.
  3. The Longest piece to be Transported in this Project was “Right Upper Basement” measuring 14.020 m x 3.270 m x 2.730 m and weighing 26 MT.
  4. More than 80 Trailers – Low beds, Semi low beds and High beds – were used for the inland transport of the mammoth Rig from Mumbai port to Ultapool site, Assam covering the mind boggling distance of 3300 kms within 30 days.
  5. In addition, 19 Trailers were used for transporting the Camp Unit comprising of 27 Bunkhouses from Mumbai to Ultapool site, Assam.
  6. Nearly 100 Trailers were mobilized together for transporting the Rig and Bunkhouses for the 3300 Kms road transport.