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GloboTransPRO does Import Clearance, Storage and Transportation for Berryman Chemical Inc

Client: Berryman Chemical Inc.
Industry: Hazardous Chemicals.
Service: Import Clearance, Storage and Transportation.

GloboTransPRO was the Logistic Service Provider for Custom Clearance, Storage and Transportation for Hazardous Chemicals – Hydro Sulphide (H2S) from Mundra Sea Port to Barmer for Cairn India site to carry out their petroleum operations on their Block RJ-ON–90/1.

The project involved custom clearance of 20 foot ISO Tanks, transporting them on HSE compliant Trailers to the storage yard of Mundra Port, loading and unloading the ISO Tanks from the storage area of Mundra Port to Barmer Site and return of the empty ISO tanks within the ‘Free Period provided’ thereby saving time and detention cost to the customer.

The 20 Foot ISO tanks were transported on a 40 Foot Trailer which provided ample space for the Chemical Transfer Pump to be placed behind the ISO Tank as per the ‘Safety Guidelines’ laid down by the client. This would enable easy transfer of the chemical from the ISO tank to the ‘Well pad’ at site.

The average loaded Container weight would be approximately 27 MT each tank.

The vehicles were inspected before mobilisation, and any vehicle not meeting the requirement was rejected. HSE complaint vehicles were always kept on standby. The vehicles were checked were as per the stringent HSE compliant checklist provided by Cairn.

The entire project was planned and executed in a precise and timely manner so as to avoid any operational delay and undue cost to the client.

During the entire tenure of the Contract, GloboTransPRO was able to deliver the Cargo with no incidents / accidents within the stipulated time frame, and as per the high standard of Safety Guidelines laid down by Cairn India for the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals.