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GloboTransPRO efficiently serves the Oil & Gas sector for Rig Lay Up for Repair and Maintenance at Lavgan Shipyard at Angre Port.

Client: Aban Offshore Limited.
Industry: Oil & Gas.
Service: Shipping Agency, Custom Clearance, Transportation, Bunkering, Crew Change, Port Co-ordination.
GloboTransPRO has been providing services for Aban Offshore Limited’s Drill Ship Aban ICE, Jack Up Rig Aban III, and Jack Up Rig Aban IV.

Logistics and Agency Support to Rig during lay up for Repair and Maintenance has demanding requirement from the Shipyard and Rig Contractors to ensure Rig is ready before time for next Contract. However this involves several challenges which require attention like Customs Duty during importation, Crew Change, Immigration Clearance, Material / Men Inward / Outward, Bunkering and other services.

At GloboTransPRO detailed planning and timely mobilisation of resources is done so as to enable round-the-clock work and the Rig is Mobilized on time. Moreover, provision is made for timely delivery of any last-moment requirement. During such operations, logistics is the biggest challenge particularly when the location is at a remote location. Even timely permissions from Customs, Immigration, Maharashtra Maritime Board, Ports all play crucial role at that moment. Husbandry Services, Transportation also play key role in such operation.

The GloboTransPRO Team ensures that the Rig Company is able to avail the Duty benefit for imported material, provide round the-clock crew movement, and coastal clearance of the material on Arrival on a priority.