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GloboTransPRO expertise – Advance planning and systematic co-ordination to speed up transportation of heavy ODC Diving Equipment – Ex-works Singapore up to Loading on Vessel at JNPT Mumbai

Sapura Energy had entrusted GloboTransPRO with the urgent transportation of Heavy and Over Dimension Diving Equipment from Ex Works at Singapore until loading onto on a Coastal Vessel at JN Port.
Team GloboTransPRO had to address several challenges en route:
1) The Cargo was Over Dimensional and Heavy, having an eccentric weight and balance.
2) Acceptance of the Cargo on the earliest Vessel sailing from Singapore to Mumbai.
3) To reduce Permits and Permission time at Singapore to transport the cargo on road towards Port.
4) To reduce time in India for Customs Clearance since cargo was Old and Used.
5) To reduce transportation time from Port to CFS and from CFS to Mumbai Port.
6) Reduce handling and Transportation time.
Team GloboTransPRO came up with the following smart solution to speed up the Transportation:
1) The Sea Transportation of Cargo was done through Heavy Duty Flat Racks instead of Break Bulk Vessel thus reducing transit time.
2) Booking on earliest Vessel by giving all technical details to Shipping Company in advance.
3) Advance Permits and Permission were taken at Singapore.
4) Direct Delivery was planned at JN Port on arrival of cargo instead of transporting to CFS.
5) Customs Clearance was done inside the Port on the same day.
6) The Vessel was Called at JN Port instead of Mumbai Port.
7) Loading of Cargo was done at JN Port including sea fastening
Team GloboTransPRO delivered the Diving Equipment well in time as desired by Sapura Energy.