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GloboTransPRO provides Shipping Agency Services for the Boat DukeExpress

Client: Duke Offshore.
Industry: Marine Management Service.
Service: Custom Clearance, Stevedoring, Port Handling, Transportation, Shipping Agency.

GloboTransPRO had taken Special permission from NSICT Terminal (JNPT Port) for Direct Port Delivery (DPD) and direct discharge of the flat rack containers containing the boat and the cradle onto the trailer under the ships hook.

After procuring various port permission for internal movement, heavy duty trailer were commissioned for transport of the Boat to the Port Terminal. Thereafter, special permission was taken from Customs for on wheel examination inside the NSCIT Port Terminal.

After custom clearance GloboTransPRO transported the Flat Track Container with Boat and Cradle from Container Terminal to the Break Bulk Terminal. Availing berth at the break bulk terminal was crucial considering the volume of the vessels arriving at the terminal.

A special crane was deployed at the jetty after taking permission from the port authorities for the direct discharge of the boat onto the water and wet tow of the boat. The entire operation was conducted safely with no accidents.

The synchronized planning to the detail was essential for the smooth execution of the project since a delay in any part of the operation would have jeopardized the entire project causing unnecessary delay and cost to the customer.