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Handling, Assembly, Installation and Commissioning of an Imported 1800T Hydraulic Extrusion Press at a Premier Nuclear Fuel producing Facility at Rawatbhata, Rajasthan


Handling, Assembly, Installation and Commissioning of an Imported 1800T Hydraulic Extrusion Press at a Premier Nuclear Fuel producing Facility at Rawatbhata, Rajasthan

Our Client, a Public Sector company, operates under Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India. They are setting up a Nuclear Fuel Complex for fuelling the Nuclear power program of India at Rawatbhata near Kota, Rajasthan. This facility is adjacent to the existing Heavy Water Plant. The plant capacity is 500 TPY PHWR fuel fabrication and 65 TPY fuel cladding fabrication. The capacity of fuel cladding fabrication will be further augmented by 100 TPY.

As part of this new complex, our Client imported a highly sophisticated 1800T Hydraulic Extrusion Press from one of world’s premier Press manufacturers. The company based in Albacete, Spain is a world leader in Extrusion technology. We were awarded the job of Installation, Erection and Commissioning of this critical Press. Working alongside the supplier’s Spanish Crew, we assembled, Installed and Commissioned the said Extrusion Press.


  1. To separate Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical parts as per installation sequence of Extrusion press. This was critical in order to get better clarity for the smooth, sequential assembly and Installation of the Press parts in the Pit.
  2. To complete the Installation of Heavy Press Parts as per our Client’s schedule and in highly constrained area inside the Press shop. The Heavy equipment needed to be Installed using a Heavy duty 300T capacity Hydraulic Tyre mounted Telescopic Crane. This called for detailed engineering and planning.
  3. To work as per stringent protocols and quality standards set by the Department of Atomic Energy Safety personnel.


  1. We Installed the complete Extrusion Press as per the schedule and timelines set by the Client.
  2. We supplied all Tools that were required for the assembly of this Imported Press.
  3. We were also responsible for a host of fabrication activities including Trench Cover work in the plant.
  4. We completed Cold and Hot Trial as well as the Performance Tests of the Extrusion Press smoothly and to the complete satisfaction of the Client.
  5. We completed the Installation and Commissioning work of the Press safely with zero downtime and zero incidents / mishaps.

How we did it:

  1. With the help of 300T Hydraulic Telescopic Tyre mounted Crane, 50T Hydraulic Telescopic Crane, Forklift and Hydra, the press parts were shifted from their storage area to the Installation area and installed on the foundations.
  2. The Heavy packages weighing between 12T to 25T were installed by 300T cap. Hydraulic Telescopic crane, in view of the long operating radius and constraints in the placement of the Crane near the Press.
  3. The Press Bedplate were installed with 50T Hydraulic telescopic crane. After installation of Press Bedplate, Press Platen, Main Cylinder Support, Main Cylinder Housing, Main Ram, Moving Crosshead Assembly and Tie Rods were installed by 300T cap. Hydraulic telescopic crane.
  4. The complete assembly and Installation work was planned in detail and in continuous consultation with the supplier’s Spanish Crew.
  5. The Cold / Hot Trials and the performance tests including Billet Extrusion were done, as per protocols set up by the client.