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In line with our brand strategy, we have changed the name of our 250 Class Flat Top Deck Cargo Barge from “CHANDRA MERCURY’ to “GLOBO 2502”.

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GloboTransPRO adds state-of-the-art Material Handling Equipment to its fleet

In line with our vision of becoming a dependable and trust worthy supplier and operator of quality, state-of-the-art Material Handling Equipment (MHE), we have taken ownership of 2nos.

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GloboTransPRO adds one more 250 Class Heavy Lift Barge to its fleet

As part of our long-term vision of providing quality equipment to our esteemed clients in the logistics sector, we have taken ownership of one more 250 class Heavy Lift Deck Cargo Barge

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GloboTransPRO takes Ownership of two Heavy Lift Barges.

GloboTransPRO has taken ownership of two Heavy Lift Flat Top Deck Cargo Barges. The 250 Class Barge & The 180 Class Barge.

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Equipment with Complete Logistics Solution for the Construction..

As part of providing Logistics solutions across Sectors as a one-stop-logistics-solution provider, we have given on Charter..

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