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GloboTransPRO adds one more 250 Class Heavy Lift Barge to its fleet

GloboTransPRO adds one more 250 Class Heavy Lift Barge to its fleet.

As part of our long-term vision of providing quality equipment to our esteemed clients in the logistics sector, we have taken ownership of one more 250 class Heavy Lift Deck Cargo Barge.

The 250 Class Barge ‘CHANDRA MERCURY’ is designed for multi-purpose Marine Logistics activities including:

  1. Multi Modal Transport of Over dimensional, abnormal weight cargo including Pressure vessels for Refineries and Petrochemical plants.
  2. Transport of Decks, small Jackets and bridges for Offshore Projects.
  3. Transport of coated pipes for Pipeline laying projects in Offshore.
  4. As a Crane Barge for Infrastructure projects. Heavy duty Piling equipment and Excavators can also be mounted on the Barge for constructing Breakwaters, Sea Links and Bridges.

The class certified ballastable Barge with a deck capacity of 15MT/Sq.m is also well suited for Roll-On and Roll-Off of Super Heavy Project Cargo using SPMT’s and conventional hydraulic Axle lines.

For more details of this Barge, please click the link below: