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Our 250 Class Barge provides critical services for transportation of Super Heavy, Over dimensional Cargo across sectors for various Clients


Our 250 Class Barge provides critical services for transportation of Super Heavy, Over dimensional Cargo across sectors for various Clients

Our 250 Class Heavy Lift Deck Cargo Barge “GLOBO 2501” was involved in a series of challenging and critical transports of Super Heavy, Over dimensional Cargo across sectors for a series of different Projects for various Clients.  

The season started with the transport of 3 Heavy Lifts on the West Coast of India wherein 3 Heavy Lifts –Demethanizer/58mX4.495mX4.596m/166MT; Regulator Feed Flash Drum/ 62.3mX6.8mX7.43m/253MT and Tripping Column/Flash Drum/48mX6.8mX7.5m/178.48MT) were Rolled onto the Barge at L&T’s Ro-Ro Jetty at Hazira. The Heavy Lifts were subsequently barged to Adani’s Hazira Port wherein a Heavy Lift vessel offloaded them using its on-board derricks for onward journey to their destination.

This Project was followed by a very special and challenging transport – that of a critical Indian Navy Vessel again from L&T’s Hazira manufacturing unit. The Navy vessel measuring 35.5mX10.5mX17m and weighing an impressive 1100MT was Rolled onto our Barge at the yard’s L Jetty in a live, floating loadout. With a height of 5.2m, GLOBO 2501 is only among a handful of 250 Class Barges on which a critical, super Heavy Loadout can be performed in a floating condition at L Jetty. The Navy vessel, escorted by Indian Coast Guard vessel, was towed from Hazira to L&T’s fabrication facility at the Southern tip of India – Kattupalli near Chennai – a distance of around 1600 N.m. The Navy Vessel was Rolled off our Barge at L&T’s facility, again in a floating loadout operation. After re-fitment at this Yard, the Navy Vessel was refloated at Kattupalli and towed to Indian Navy’s Eastern Command in Visakhapatnam.

After this highly sensitive transport of national importance, it was time to contribute to a Project outside India – in far away Thailand. Thai Oil is currently executing a Clean Fuel Project (CFP) at its Refinery at Sriracha. The CFP includes addition of a fourth Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) besides adding a Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrocracker, a Residue Hydrocracker, a Hydrogen manufacturing unit, a Naphtha Hydrotreater, a Diesel Hydrodesulfurization unit and a Sulfur Recovery unit. As Part of this Project, GLOBO 2501 was used to transport 4 Critical Heavy Lifts from the supplier’s Dahej Jetty on West Coast of India. The 4 Packages – High Vacuum Column/44.9mX15.5mX15.1m/1160MT; Crude Column/ 69.85mX9.55mX10.2m/730MT; Vacuum Tower/ 67.95mX11.90mX12.55m/ 795 MT; and Product Fractionator/74.7mX12.03mX12.715m/1205MT) were Rolled on our Barge at the Ro-Ro Jetty at Dahej and barged to Mumbai in 2 separate trips. The Heavy Lifts were subsequently lifted off by a Heavy Lift Vessel’s derricks at Mumbai anchorage for their onward transport to Sriracha Port near Chonburi Province on the East Coast of Gulf of Thailand. 

This Project was followed by another interesting Marine transport – again for an overseas Project. Dangote Refinery, which is currently under construction in the Lekki Free Zone near Lagos, Nigeria is expected to be Africa’s biggest Oil Refinery and the world’s biggest single train facility upon its completion. 3 Heavy Lifts – HC Flare KO Drum/31.8mX6.54mX7.2m/212MT; Intermittent LP Flare KO  Drum/ 31.85mX6.2mX7.3m/225MT and Intermittent HP Flare KO  Drum /24.3mX6.2mX7.25m/177MT)  – manufactured by a supplier in India needed to be shipped out of Mumbai Port for their onward transport to Nigeria. However, due to the oversize dimensions of the 3 Heavy Lifts, it was not feasible to transport them by road to Mumbai Port through the city of Mumbai. Therefore, the 3 Heavy Lifts were Rolled onto “GLOBO 2501” in a floating operation at JNPT’s shallow berth at Nhava Sheva, Uran, barged to Mumbai Port where they were Rolled off again in a floating operation. The Packages will, subsequently, be delivered under hook of a HLV for their onward shipping to Nigeria.

For all these Projects the Barge was inspected and approved by the most reputed and respected Marine Warranty Surveyors of the country and we are glad that the Barge performed all the critical transports to their and client’s complete satisfaction. 

With a loading area of nearly 1500 sq.m., DWT of 5800MT, deck capacity of 15 T/ sq.m and all Class approved Ballast Tanks, GLOBO 2501 is well suited for versatile operations including RO/RO and LO/LO of super ODC’s and critical Project Cargo, across segments. We hope that the Barge will be of service to our esteemed clients for their future challenging Projects, as well