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GloboTransPRO provides complete crucial Vessel Modification Services for a US based globally renowned Seismic Service Provider.

Fast paced, perfect execution is the hallmark of GloboTransPRO.

GloboTransPRO once again proved its mettle by providing all logistics related activities under one roof for Vessel Modification work at BMCT with tight deadlines.

The Oil & Gas major working in the west coast of India, wanted a suitable Port with minimum 6 meters water draft to facilitate the transfer of equipment from one vessel to other. They also had a very critical and pressing problem that needed an immediate solution – A Motor that drives the propeller shaft on one of the vessels was malfunctioning and needed urgent replacement. Since both vessels had to be immediately deployed for the ongoing seismic work off Mumbai High, the deadlines to complete the Project were highly challenging.

Our scope of work included:

  1. Berthing of vessels “Harmony Fortune’’ and “MAC Phoenix’’ measuring 74.87m (L) x 16.40m (W) x 6.10m (H) and 59.60m (L) x 15.20m (W) x 6.20m (H), respectively at a suitable wharf with a water draft of minimum 6 meters.
  2. Removal of 2 Containers and 2 Reels with Spooling device from Vessel “Harmony Fortune’’. The heaviest piece weighed 10MT.
  3. Loading of the Containers and Reels on Vessel “MAC Phoenix’’.
  4. Welding of the said material on Vessel “MAC Phoenix’’.
  5. Cutting of Deck (2m x 2m) on Vessel “Havilla Fortune” for Motor replacement job and welding it back with class-approved welders and UT services.
  6. Removal of non-working (old) Motor weighing 7MT from the Vessel ”Havilla Fortune’’.
  7. Removing the coupling from the old Motor at a workshop outside Port and fitting the same on the new Motor.
  8. Installing the new Motor on the Vessel ”Havilla Fortune’’, aligning it using laser equipment by a certified Laser Technician and Commissioning the Motor with Electrician support.
  9. Agency services for both Vessels including supply of fresh water, removal of garbage, sludge removal and diving services, besides Crew Sign-on / Sign-off and Gate Passes for various agencies (Manpower as well as Equipment) working on both the vessels including Expats.
  10. All required Permissions from JNPT and BMCT including Port, Customs and Immigration.


  1. Deploying a 120T Tyre mounted Crane, Welding and Cutting machines with all required Tools / Tackles and a well-trained gang of Engineers, Foremen, Riggers, Welders, Cutters, Fitters and Electricians, we completed the work in the given schedule of 4 days safely and to the client’s complete Satisfaction.
  2. The work was done at Bharat Mumbai Container Terminal (BMCT) in Nhava Sheva. For the first time, as a special case they allowed a Non-Container Vessel to work at their berth since their inception.The client was impressed with our professional approach, pace of work, expertise and dedication… Eager to execute more such challenging Projects.